Key Features
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Standalone Controller Sensors Control Devices
IP based standalone monitor and controller with platform independent interface. Monitoring with up to 16 sensors.
Huge range of sensors available.
Simultaneous Control of up to 16 devices.
Alarms Camera Control SNMP
On screen and audible Alarms
E-mail alert and mobile phone SMS text alert.
Image capture from multiple cameras, image stored and sent via e-mail. SNMP control from packages such as CISCOWORKS and HP OPENVIEW, Alert traps.
Data Logging Timed Events Real-time Data
Time and Event based logging with periodic FTP upload, excel compatible. Date / Time based scheduler for timed events.
Including daily and weekly events.
On Screen Real-time Sensor and Device Readings.
Multiple Users Scalable Solution Time Synchronisation
Simultaneous access to interface.
Full Access and View-Only modes.
Multiple Netcommanders access via web based master page.
Large scale Management system available.
SNTP time services with real-time clock - supports BST
Customisable Event Logic Terminal to Serial Serial Device Control
Advanced internal event system.
Fully Adaptable to any application.
Telnet Remote terminal sessions to attached serial device connection. User defined Serial output based on Logic Events.
Wi-fi option Steel box construction Small size
802.11g Wireless Interface available. Rugged and EMC protected 165x100x50mm

State of the art technology
NetCommander is a versatile, standalone home and office controller. Its remote interface allows it to be securely accessed from anywhere in the world, from any machine connected to the web.

It can control your home automation system or industrial requirements, via a wide range of sensors and feature options.

Real time information and status is instantly available via a powerful interface and the email and mobile SMS capabilities.

Platform Independent Web based Interface
Users can access real time live data and system status securely from anywhere in the world. NetCommander's Internal web server provides both local and secure remote access to the controller. User level access can be full-access or read-only, allowing supervision and administration of critical assets. Alerts can be sent immediately via e-mail and mobile SMS, giving immediate notification of alarm conditions.

At the heart of the flexible software is an advanced event scheduler. It allows the user to manage the causes, the effects, the count of, and the states of up to 32 events and alarms from the various internal functions and external I/O devices. Logic operations can be performed on all events, further enhancing the scheduler flexibility.
For the more important alarms, the user can choose to be alerted using audio, email or SMS. All alarms alerts and events can be logged via the event logger, which time stamps and details each event log as they occur. A 365 day / time scheduler allows the user to trigger events, hourly, daily and weekly.

Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems

Huge Range of Sensors and Devices
Our Universal daughter boards provide for a wide range of sensors and devices to be interfaced to NetCommander. Such as:
UPS / HVAC alarm monitoring
IP Camera support
Mains switching
Temperature sensors
Relative humidity sensors
Light sensors
Dual tech Intruder detectors
Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide sensors
Liquid level sensors
Flow sensors (air, liquid)
Pressure sensors and switches
Acoustic sensors
Vibration sensors
Glass break
Water leak detectors
Condensation detectors
Pneumatic controllers
Door contacts
Switches (panic button, pressure mats etc.)
Servo motors (water valves, window openers etc.)