Energy Supply Costing The Earth!
Monitor Electricity, Gas and Water Usage
Identify Wasteful Usage and Processes
Log Real Daily Usage and Cost Statistics
Select the Correct Supply Tariffs
Monitor Your Businesses CO2 Emissions
Graphing of Data for Trend Analysis
Supports Single and Three Phase Supplies
UK Based Development and Support
Home Generation Schemes
Help the Environment
Be in Control of Your Energy Usage
Energy Usage Monitoring
Keeping you energy bills under control

NetCommander's Energy Usage Monitoring

Are increasing business energy costs eating into your profit?

Not sure how to identify wasteful gas water and electricity usage during the week and over the weekend?

Are you on the correct energy tariffs?

Start monitoring your business's energy consumption with NetCommander energy monitoring and start saving money and energy.

On average businesses waste a third of the energy that they buy and most of that could be saved with some simple, easy pay-back methods. The combination of NetCommander and our latest energy monitoring PC application will allow you to start monitoring your electricity, gas, oil and water usage.

Once you've identified wasteful processes you can take action to reduce your total energy demand. The NetCommander energy monitoring application provides an up to the minute indication of your total business energy usage.

By monitoring your electricity supply you can see not only your current demand, but also the total demand and what it will cost you. In addition, the total and peak usage figures allow you to select the correct business supply tariff, or even take advantage of cheaper rates at off peak times.

Ever thought how much CO2 your business is producing?
This application accurately calculates your CO2 emissions based on your electricity and gas usage.

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