Critical Assets?
Air Temperature OK Throughout Building
AC Filter Needs Changing In Room C27
The Plant Room Was Entered At 14:28
Battery Fully Charged
The Humidity Is 31%
Mains Supply OK
Restaurant Chiller Is OK
The Server Room Temperature Is 22°C
Administrator Has Been Advised By SMS
All Events And Alerts Have Been Logged
The Building Is Under Control
Facilities Management Solutions
Monitor And Controlling Assets Worldwide

The NetCommander Enterprise Facilities
Management Solution

NetCommander Enterprise is specifically designed to fit into the building structured NetCommander nodes placed in the main or floor patching cabinets can be patched to provide sensor points throughout the This ease of installation minimizes the time required to fully install a NetCommander based building management system.

NetCommander Enterprise is a web accessible network device for monitoring environmental and equipment alarm status in buildings, server and remote equipment rooms. NetCommander detects threatening conditions such as overheating, airflow failure, water ingress, mains failure etc before equipment is damaged or destroyed.

A wide range of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, water, condensation, smoke, carbon monoxide, door and glass break can be added to provide a complete environment monitoring and control solution, which includes connection to Air Conditioning/UPS/Alarm panels. The NetCommander software combines a powerful web based GUI with highly flexible embedded software. Users can access real time data and system status via their browser, or receive user defined alert messages via email and SMS text.

Empowerment of Existing Plant

Air Conditioning

Critical Alarms:

Control Air Temperature/Humidity, Sensor/Airflow/Compressor fail


Filter Blocked, Humidifier Alarm.

Water Alarm:

Drip Tray Full, Water on Floor.

UPS Systems


Mains Utility Failure, General Alarm.


Battery Low, Bypass Active Alarm Panels

Alarm Panels


Intruder Detected, Fire, Smoke, CO.

Technical Specification
Temperature 0-50°C +/-0.7°C
Humidity 10-90% +/-6%
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide/Heat
Current. Water. Fluid level/flow Door/window contact Cameras
Cabled to UPS/AC/Fire and Intruder panels
Specification subject to change without notice
Operating Temp0 to 40 °C
Humidity20-80% non-condensing
Power Supply12v @ 1A DC
Dimensions1U: 435mm x 200mm x 44mm