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18/08/15Advanced Tapes International Ltd Leicester

Process monitoring using Netcommander has saved £50k in energy costs

Cuberoot Limited was called in to provide technology to monitor a large process. It had been observed that a particular user was able to run the process at a greater efficiency. By monitoring the the line speed, gas usage etc. Cuberoot were able to transfer this efficiency to all other operators and thus save the company money.

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23/04/07Leicester Rowing Club Energy Study

NetCommander energy monitoring case study for Leicester Rowing Club

Cuberoot Limited was called in to assist Leicester Rowing Club in identifying the source of large quarterly electricity bills. The following report, based on the analysis of the Netcommander energy monitoring product has provided some simple and longer term energy and money saving measures.

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12/07/06NetCommander Enterprise is launched

Automating the work of building management.

In answer to our customers requests, CubeRoot is proud to launch the new NetCommander Enterprise range. With RJ45 connections and a 1U rack mount chassie the Enterprise range is quick and easy to install and is a valuable expansion to any building management solution.

For further information on NetCommander Enterprise, please contact Bob Marles 0116 2603545 email

17/05/06Part-L Requirements Brings Power Monitoring to the Fore.

EU requirements for power monitoring in all businesses.

Power monitoring has become of major improtance now that Part-L requirements are due to come into force later this year.

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10/02/06CubeRoot Signs American Distributor Omni Instruments

NetCommander ready to expand into the American Market.

Omni Instrumentsis the latest distributor for the NetCommander product range, making it easier for American businesses to take advantage of the extensive range of services covered.

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20/01/05Press Release: Gardiner Security ‘NVIP’ partners and NetCommander from CubeRoot

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NVIP02 : Gardiner Security ‘NVIP’ partners and NetCommander from CubeRoot.

Gardiner Security Integrated Systems Division has established the Network Video Integration Partners (NVIP) Programme to bring specialists from the Networking, Video and Security world together to provide a world beating program for their key installation companies. One such specialist is CubeRoot with their NetCommander range.

“We are very excited about the NVIP program from Gardiner as it offers Installation companies comprehensive training and support, allowing them to realise and implement the full power of the NetCommander range of products to the advantage of their customers. We regard this initiative as a win-win-win scenario,” says Bob Marles MD of CubeRoot.

The Network Video Integration Partners (NVIP) Program will train Network Specialists to the full extent of the NetCommander and it’s capabilities. Certification and ‘NetCommander Certified Installer’ status will be given upon the successful completion of the training modules.

“The NetCommander Range of products is a very powerful addition to the traditional portfolio of Gardiner products. It can provide an Environmental monitoring/control system, a Security solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), an Educational tool for schools and even a Condition Based Monitoring solution for industry. As we now work with such high level integration partners as Cisco Systems, NetCommander is a genuine addition to the Cisco Connected Real Estate offering,” says Glenn Fletcher, National Sales manager for Gardiner Security Integrated Systems Division.

NetCommander is a web-accessible network device for monitoring the environment and equipment alarm status in buildings, server rooms, remote equipment rooms, vaccine fridges and can even be used for machine monitoring and control. NetCommander detects threatening conditions such as over-temperature, over-current, fire and flood before equipment is damaged or destroyed. A huge range of sensors are available, and the capability to expand, including specialist sensors is built into the product. Users can be alerted to alarm conditions using Email, SMS text, pagers or online alerts. Pictures can be captured, transmitted and stored to Email or online. Live images can also be viewed.

The autonomous NetCommander unit can be controlled as a single item via any Internet-attached computer anywhere in the world, without installed special software, or can be operated and managed as a whole estate of units using the central management tools available.

CubeRoot Ltd. is a design and development house providing world class solutions to today’s needs for monitoring, control and security through Hardware, Software and Technology. Gardiner Security is a distributor of products aimed at the CCTV, Access, Fire, Intruder, Public Address and Integrated Systems markets and hence they are very capable partner to be able to distribute the next generation of Internet based system products.

For further information, please Contact Glenn Fletcher on 07831 444424 or email

25/11/04NetCommander in Leicester Mercury

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10:30 - 24 November 2004

A software firm hopes a breakthrough piece of new technology will find a market to protect vaccines, blood and other refrigerated medicines.

Cuberoot is a computer development firm formed following the redundancies when Ericsson pulled out from its Leicester base at Bede Island in 2001.

Its new product aims to protect temperature-sensitive medical pro-ducts such as vaccines.

Cuberoot's Mark Carnell said: "It's a pharmacy fridge monitor which can be used for applications such as blood banks.

"Most fridges are only monitored by a digital display. Our product brings the internet to the fridge."

The product, which has a unit cost of about £200, will send e-mails to anywhere in the world or texts to mobile phones to alert users to any problems with the fridge. Temperature changes, humidity and smoke can all be detected, as can light, if the door is left open. Vaccines, blood and other medical products can be damaged or rendered useless by not being kept in the correct conditions.

Mr Carnell said: "We are now marketing the product, going to suppliers, fridge manufacturers and others."

The product, one of Cuberoot's Net Commander range, is the culmination of the years of research the four-strong firm has been conducting.

Cuberoot is based at the Melton Street, Leicester, premises of Camtec Electronics, a management buy-out in 2001 of the Ericsson business in the city. Camtec manufactures data communication prod-ucts, including those developed by Cuberoot. Both continued working for Ericsson after the mobile phone giant pulled out, but have also been seeking to build their product range and customer base.

Mr Carnell said: "Now this fridge product has come to completion. There's a complete audit trail from the manufacturer of vaccines through the transportation and to the doctor's surgery, but that's where the audit trail ends. £200 is not a great cost, especially when you have thousands of pounds' worth of vaccine in a fridge."

05/11/04Version 2.1 Software Released.

CubeRoot adds a whole host of new functionality to an already impressive list.
Features such as: SNMP alerts, Image e-mails, Mobile SMS modem support, etc