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Monitor Anything You Can Transpond
Control Existing Equipment
Remote Access and Supervision
Advanced Control Logic
Email, SNMP and SMS Text Notification
Flexible Interface With Live Update
Condition Based Monitoring
Logging / Archiving To Excel
Adaptable Sensor Range
Periodic Events, Scheduling and Delays
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Monitoring and Control Solutions
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NetCommander is your Solution

NetCommander is a highly versatile web accessible network device for monitoring and control of equipment. If you need a system to be monitored and controlled then we provide the intelligence to your system. Using our range of sensors or any device that fits NetCommanderís requirements you can react to any situation and interfacing to existing equipment allows you add a layer of intelligent control to your system. Interfacing is made possible through electrical outputs, X10 control and serial commands, as well as providing direct telnet connections to serially connected equipment. Our interfaces are highly flexible to match the needs of any system and may be customised to provide intuitive control at your finger-tips.

NTP server updates and an internal clock allows time and date to be taken into consideration, allowing periodic events, delayed reactions and events that fit the time of day.

Keep track of situations using counters to record how many times an event occurs; for example: the number of people entering and leaving the building. Then you can use the values to trigger events; for example: if somebody hasn't left the building by 8pm then alert security.

Raising the alert can be made appropriate to the situation, from SNMP traps for network issues to security lights and sirens for intruder security. The right person is contacted immediately via SMS text alerts or email. False alarms can be eliminated by using our event system to react only when the situation demands it.

Reaction to any situation means electrical systems can be controlled directly and even motors and control systems can be powered up or down through our pow-r-switch range.

Should our extensive range of sensors and interfaces fail to match your requirements then our team of developers can be called upon to expand the system to fit your needs. All software and hardware design and production is handled in house allowing you flexibility and control in all aspects of bespoke development.

Technical Specification
Ethernet attached standalone device
Monitoring with up to 16 sensors
Simultaneous control of up to 16 devices
Advanced internal event logic
Real time data
Data logging, storage and graphing
Alerts: On screen, SNMP, email and SMS text
Built-in Interface: no installation required
Platform independent (Apple, Windows, Unix)
Wi-Fi option

Dimensions164mm x 104mm x 55mm
CE approved